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Cheap Instant Print (Polaroid) Cameras

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Instant printing cameras that we commonly call “Polaroids” are slowly becoming all the rage again.  And why shouldn’t they be?  These cameras print pictures instantly so you can hang them up, give them to friends, or just to enjoy.  Since this fad has come back, several camera companies have created their own version of the “Polaroid” camera. Currently, Fujifilm is the most successful example of this.

Here are the best modern versions of instant cameras and printers that are currently on the market.  But before you purchase, here are a few things to be aware of while shopping.

In-Camera Printing vs. Separate Printer

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This is something to consider as there are different options available.  The in-camera printing option is a special camera that only prints photos from the actual camera and is a more “on-the-go” option.  This is great if you’re looking for an all-in-one device that takes the pictures, stores the film, and prints the photo.


Printing from a separate printer means that you do not need to purchase a new camera.  Instead you can send pictures to a printing device separate from your picture-taking device (such as your smartphone).  This does mean that you need two separate devices to print the picture.  You need the smartphone or tablet to take the picture, and you need the actual mobile printer.  The main benefit of this option is that you can pick and choose which photos to print, and you can see the pictures before you print them.




Keep in mind that film for these types of instant printing devices are different.  The newer models require different paper sizes.  Additionally, the film for this type of device is more expensive than the typical camera film.  A set of 50 sheets can be in the ballpark of $35-40.


Benefits of Owning an Instant Camera

As mentioned previously, instant cameras are back in style.  They were extremely popular back when the Polaroid first came out, but as newer technologies were invented, this trend faded.

Just like the record player, instant cameras are back in and are more popular than ever!  taylor swift polaroid

Instant pictures are great for when you are with loved ones or friends and want to commemorate a special moment.  The picture can easily be shared by instantly printing it out.

Instant pictures are also great for traveling when you want to print out an extremely special picture.

Though we all take so many pictures now with our cameras and smartphones, we rarely print them out.  Instant cameras are the perfect excuse to print out special pictures!


Polaroid & Fuji


Polaroid and Fuji are the top two manufacturers of instant cameras and instant camera printers.  Polaroid is, of course, the original brand of the instant camera in the 1940s, and we often refer to instant pictures as “Polaroids.”

However, Fuji’s line of Instax cameras (all instant cameras) provide competition for Polaroid.

Lucky for us, there are lots of great options with varying price points, settings, and looks, so a buyer can find the perfect instant camera.


Top 5 Instant Cameras/Printers


  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

This instant camera is a real winner for those who enjoy the vintage style.  It prints out vintage style photos, and the camera itself reflects that of an older, retro look.

However, this vintage-style camera has built-in features to achieve the best looking picture.  It automatically detects and adjusts the brightness around the subject being shot.  This avoids overexposure, and the flash and shutter speeds are adjusted accordingly.

You can also press the shutter button twice to print out two images on a single sheet of film.  This is called the double exposure mode.It also includes technology to capture moving subjects to take the best photo.



  1. Fujifilm INSTAX 210

Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Instant wide Photo Camera

Another Fuji camera made the number 2 spot on our list.  This particular model looks a bit more modern than the previous camera and provides a bit more control.

This model allows you to turn the flash on and off, you can adjust the brightness, and you can adjust the focal depth.

The camera also allows a close-up lens to be attached to the front if you want closer pictures.  This attachment includes a mirror on it to help achieve the best looking selfie.

The shutter speed on this camera ranges from 1/64-1/200 per second.  It also includes a high-speed ISO (800), which achieves crisp and non-grainy pictures. This camera also includes film in the package.  A great deal!


  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Warranty

Another Fuji!  This is another great buy if you’re looking for image control and great pictures.  The benefit of this model is that it’s a miniature version and is easier to pack and travel with.

The various settings on this camera help take amazing pictures in bright settings, indoor, overcast, and even high-key pictures.  This high-key mode is great for taking selfies because it allows for a bright picture with a softer look.

This is a great purchase because of the price and the size of the camera.



  1. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Polaroid ZIP Mobile PrinterThis is the first separate printer mentioned in this list.  The mobile printer can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or NFC technology.  These devices are great if you want to continue to take pictures using your smartphone, but only want to instantly print specific pictures.  This model prints 2×3 inch pictures.

To use this printer on your smartphone or tablet, you must download the free (with purchase of the mobile printer) Polaroid ZIP app to access the device.

The pictures print beautifully, are smudge-proof, and have a sticky backside.

This is a great purchase for those who are not looking for a new camera.


  1. Polaroid PIC-300P

Polaroid PIC-300P

Here is my favorite instant Polaroid camera.  The camera is colorful, modern, fun, and is another great purchase.

The camera utilizes an automatic flash when it senses low light.  There are also four scene settings to take the picture with the perfect amount of light.  These settings are indoor/dark, cloudy/shady, fine, and clear.

The only downside of this camera is that you cannot turn off the flash.  It goes off each time a picture is taken.  If you are in a setting, such as a museum, where flash is not allowed, this camera cannot be used.

Printing your pictures and memories instantly is a fun and easy way to share and commemorate special events.  These newer devices not only allow for instant printing, but they also help you achieve the best looking picture.


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