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Instant cameras are back!  Not only are they back, but they are better than ever.  In our modern world where selfies reign and everybody takes pictures with their phones, it’s nice to have easy ways to print our beloved photos.  These new instant cameras are not the “Polaroids” of the past.  The cameras now include so many high-tech features to help you get the best-looking photo instantly.


The New Instant Camera


The new instant cameras are amazing and make taking pictures easier and even more fun.  These new versions of the instant camera are actually digital cameras.  They include built-in printers, so you have the option to print the photos you take instantly.


Even better, these new versions are small.  You can fit these instant cameras in your pocket or purse, and they are especially great for travelling.  The only downside is that not all of these digital cameras have as much memory as a regular digital camera, but you can print any of the pictures.


Each camera prints a different sized photo, but most are about the size of a business card.  However, some of the instant cameras print photos half of that size.  With all of the great new options out there, you can opt to buy a simpler instant camera or an instant camera with lots of features to help edit and perfect your photos before printing.


Why Buy an Instant Camera?

One may think, why do I need an instant camera?  I already have a smartphone!  So you may not need an instant camera, but the best part of instant cameras is the convenience and the fact that it’s instant.  We may take pictures all of the time, but we rarely get these pictures developed.

Instant cameras are great for so many different occasions.  Instant cameras are great to use at weddings, kids’ birthday parties, and other fun social gatherings.  Everybody enjoys playing with new technology, and the instant picture provides an amazing party favor.  Your guests will have a special token to remember the day, and it will certainly be a favor that they won’t throw away.

Instant cameras are also great for scrapbooking.  Taking an instant camera on vacation is a great way to have the pictures printed and ready to be put into the scrapbook as soon as you get home.  It saves time, and some of the film for the instant cameras has a sticky backside.  So you can instantly paste your photos into your scrapbook.polaroid scrapbook

Instant cameras and their photos also make great gifts.  If you’re looking for a special birthday or holiday gift, an instant camera is great for people of all ages.  Teens can be especially hard to shop for, and an instant camera is a gift they can enjoy with their friends.

The possibilities are endless with instant cameras, and they are guaranteed to be fun.

History of the Instant Camera

Polaroid is one of the most recognized brands in the camera and film world.  The instant camera was first invented by Samuel Shlafrock in 1923.  Despite this crowning achievement, Edwin H. Land is credited for developing the first instant camera for commercial use.  Land was one of the co-founders of Polaroid.

These commercial instant cameras required the film to be loaded into the chamber, and a photograph would be instantly printed on said film.

Polaroid was the first to sell these instant cameras, although many other companies produced their own versions of the instant camera.

Kodak was sued by Polaroid for patent infringement.  Because of the lawsuit, Kodak had to stop production of the cameras and film.  They had to reimburse some of their customers because they couldn’t provide the film needed to reload their cameras.

As technology advanced, the instant camera went out of style and digital cameras eventually became the newest and best technology for photography.  That along with cameras being on every smartphone, Polaroid had to file for bankruptcy protection in 2008.  The following year, they were bought by PLR IP Holdings, LLC, and the company began manufacturing instant cameras again.


The Best Instant Cameras

Now that you’re chomping at the bit to buy a new instant camera, we have rated and ordered the top 6 instant cameras currently available for purchase.

  1. The Fujifilm Instax Mini Neo

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Neo

This attractive camera is small and easy to use.  It has a retro style and includes many features to take the best photo.  It automatically detects the brightness in your setting and adjusts the flash and shutter speed accordingly.  It can capture fast moving subjects, includes a double exposure, macro modes, and has a timer for group pictures.  This camera also takes high quality photos.




  1. The Polaroid PIC-300P

The Polaroid PIC-300P

This fun camera prints vibrant color pictures and are business card sized.  This 1.2-pound camera allows for manual exposure compensation and offers four different scene settings.  These settings allow for different types of lighting so you can get the best shot.




  1. The Fujifilm Hello Kitty

This adorable camera is great for a Hello Kitty fan or young child.  The flash charges quickly in this camera, so you take more pictures.  Other features iThe Fujifilm Hello Kittynclude a stylish pink strap, a built-in mirror for selfies, and its handheld size.




  1. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S

This miniature camera is only 7.2 ounces and is 2.5 inches thick.  It’s great for travelling because of its size, and the photos are excellent quality.  The auto intelligent flash automatically adjusts according to the lighting.  Also included is a self-portrait timer and 2x magnification for close-up pictures.



  1. The Polaroid Z2300

The Polaroid Z2300

This stylish camera comes in five different color options.  This is a popular camera because it has a larger 3-inch LCD display.  It prints 2×3 inch photos, and the pictures tend to be great quality.  It includes a zero ink technology, which makes for smudge-proof and water-resistant photos.  However, this camera comes in at number 5 because it is one of the more expensive instant cameras.



  1. The Fujifilm INSTAX 210

The Fujifilm INSTAX 210

This camera is one of the heaviest at 2 pounds, however, the LCD display shows film count and focal distance.  It’s one of the easier cameras to use and is also easy to hold.  It includes a low-light auto flash, which takes amazing night-time pictures.  A major downfall is that the outer part of the camera is plastic, flimsy, and can crack easily when dropped.



So whether you’re a camera novice or are looking to invest in a fun way to take and print pictures, consider purchasing an instant camera for you or as a gift.

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